Swing sets

Having a Swing Set in your backyard is what fun time is all about. Playgrounds can unleash the imagination and get children outdoors. Give them a reason to sit down their video games and rush into nature. They can dream up any new adventures or they can go deep into their own make-believe lands. The possibilities are endless when you have a swing set you can walk to. Kids always love to play on swing sets and can create some great memories in the process.
SwingSet.co’s totally complete Ultimate Yukon Kit with lumber is a great way to get a swing set built in your backyard. Your child will watch with amazement while a playground is built right before their eyes. They will know that you constructed that for them. Playing on it will only seem that much better. The Ultimate Yukon Kit comes with a bracket system that cuts time in half. There is no pre-drilling or bolt tightening. The kit also includes a 2 piece slide, 8 rock climbing wall, a cliff climber, pirate’s ladder, glider, 2 swing seats, a periscope, steering wheel, and a heavy duty vinyl scallop tarp. You can also create a sandbox under the deck area (sold separately).
Do you have any questions or concerns we can help with in regards to the purchase of a swing set? If you have any questions you can always call or click the live chat link, where SwingSet.co’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

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