5 1/2 ft Soft Grip Swing Chain (pair) Durable Accessory Green Blue Yellow

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This Soft Grip Chain 5 1/2 foot is extra secure for a pinched free grip. The thick Plastisol cylinder that surrounds the chain gives better grip and protection. Comfort is the key with these chains. Our wide range of colors will help you accentuate your playground. These soft grip chains are flexible. The chain can’t even be felt through the soft grip. Because the soft grip chain is so comfortable in your child’s hands they will have more enjoyment while swinging. 

Our 5 1/2 ft. soft grip swing chain will help add color to your swing seats. These are made so your child’s hands will be pinch-free and are a perfect fit for any swing set. The soft grip coating covers 2 ½ ft. of the chain. The exposed chain at the top is zinc plated to prevent rust and allow easy adjustment to your swing set. These chain will help your child enjoy their swing set even more. This soft grip chain is rated for commercial use and residential use. 

Decided between soft grip chain and coated chain can be confusing. Give us a call or go to Swing Set Co.’s live chat link. We can help make your chain buying decision more informative and easier. 

  • Chains Come in a Pair 

  • Commercial Use and Residential Use 

  • Great for a pinch free grip 

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2 reviews for 5 1/2 ft Soft Grip Swing Chain (pair) Durable Accessory Green Blue Yellow

  1. Stephen

    My daughter specifically asked for this style – she said that she prefers the soft plastic outer layer especially in winter when the chains otherwise get very cold. I was dubious about spending the extra money, but I’m really glad I did. They are REALLY comfortable on the hands, and give the swingset that professional look.

  2. Terry NORTH

    Even though you did not have yellow the item was Great!

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