Commercial Rubber Belt Seat With 5.5Ft Chains And Hooks



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Commercial Rubber Belt Seat with 5.5 ft Chains and Hooks is best when durability is the name of the game, as this rubber seat is one of our most durable products. Are you planning on putting up a swing in a high traffic area, like a park? Then this is the product for you, as it is durable and fun to play with. Get a long lasting product that the kids will enjoy in the sun for countless hours of fun.

This rubber commercial seat comes with chains and hooks. The seat is 6″ x 24″ and has triangle hardware on the sides. This seat comes with two s-hooks, two 5 1/2 ft 3/16″ zinc chains and two quick clips. The chain is 3/16″ zinc plated and the working load is 750 pounds each. The standard length of the chain is 5 1/2ft. You can specify a custom length for $3.00 more per foot per swing and that includes the extra shipping. All of this will come fully assembled to you.

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* Commercial grade

* Up to 125 pounds’ children only

* Rubber material

* 5.5ft length uncoated chain

Additional information

Weight 12.5 lbs
Chain Length

Add 1 ft of chain (total of 6.5ft chain), Add 2 ft of chain (total of 7.5ft chain), Add 3 ft of chain (total of 8.5ft chain), Add 4 ft of chain (total of 9.5ft chain), Add 5 ft of chain (total of 10.5ft chain), Standard 5.5ft chain


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