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Are you tired of seeing and using the same seats all of the time? Do you want some fun diversity in your outdoor playset equipment? Want to get the seat that will make your outdoor playset stand out from the crowd? Then check out our flat seat that is perfect for you. Molded from light-weight, rigid high-density polyethylene, this seat is durable and made to with stand weather conditions. The seat does come complete with galvanized hardware on the sides so give this Flat Swing seat has the durability you want so your kids can enjoy this for many hours of outdoor fun. Get your kids and all of their friends out of the basement playing video games and outside and in the sun!

* Measures 9-1/2″ x 20″

* Seat only

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Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 12 in

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13 reviews for Flat Swing Seat Stable Durable Green Blue Red Yellow Pink and Black

  1. Stephen

    This flat seat is the best. Frankly it’s the reason I came to this website. Everywhere else only seems to sell the belt style, and as a grown up I find those REALLY uncomfortable – they squeeze my hips (and I don’t have wide hips!). When I took this seat out of the box it felt more lightweight than I expected, but it’s been on the swingset for a couple of weeks now and performs brilliantly. I’m semi tempted to think about the really pro seat, but that was a lot more money. Overall, no regrets, and this is a thousand times better than the belt seats.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s lightweight, which helps when it hits a child, as they do. Plenty strong and full-size, enough for adult holding small child. Excellent A-frame hardware,galvanized with locking nuts.

  3. J. H.

    The seat is the perfect size for both kids and adults to use. It’s sturdy and has an attractive appearance.

  4. Ayla’s & Kara’s Nana

    Very sturdy, big enough for Nana to sit in comfortably and swing!

  5. lenny

    Excellent quality and worth every dime!

  6. Ed

    This is a sturdy seat and looks like it will do very well for our grandkids as they grow (and for us too now and then 🙂 ). But there are no options given for us to buy either chain sets and/or means to attach the seat to existing chains or ropes. So it is up to you to find them either on their site here or elsewhere, which is time consuming compared to just ordering them with the seat. This is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

  7. Joe Erkmann

    Product quality is better than expected I would buy again but I doubt I will ever need to. These swing seats will outlast the telephone poles I used to build my swingset.

  8. Richard

    Now grandmother can happily swing alongside granddaughter in comfort. Good sturdy product. For an adult, this is more comfortable than a strap seat.

  9. RJ

    I wanted to find the kind of swing seat I remembered from my childhood. Seems like all you can find out there are strap seats, and many of them are quite small. Even my daughter complained about how uncomfortable they are. She really likes these seats, and I find them comfortable too. They were easy to assemble, and if you have questions and call the company, a real person answers the phone!

  10. Anonymous

    We just received these swing seats. The quality is tremendous!! They look like they will last a lifetime. The price was very reasonable. Would definitely recommend these!

  11. Anonymous

    These are REALLY heavy duty and comfortable for old and young, large and small alike. I plan to throw away the belts that came with it. We can now really use and enjoy our playset.

  12. Manning Grinnan

    This is a really nice seat and I will probably by one more in the next month or two. Just to be a stickler, the bolts extend out the bottom a little too much and make a SLIGHTLY exposed metal piece that could catch a small bystander. But if I though it was a big enough problem a few nuts and washers could position it perfectly. I decided that I was being obsessive and blew it off. Our swing is better for this seat.
    Oh also, for you obsessive researchers out there, the shipping is about 50% of the cost of the seat. So delivered it was $70.00.

  13. Anonymous

    Will be enjoyed by all. Wide enough for adults- good strength . very comfortable.

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