3 1/2 ft Coated Trapeze Swing Chain (pair) Outdoor Attachment Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink


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Need Coated Swing Chain to fit your trapeze bar, rings, or triangles? Not sure where to get the coated chain that is perfect for your trapeze? Whether you are new to the trapeze chain or changing out old chain for new, we have 3 1/2 ft. coated trapeze swing chain to add safety and a dash of color. These chains will add hours of fun and enjoyment to your trapeze rings while inspiring your child to spend more time outside. Expanding your swing set while color coordinating for your favorite team. These safe coated chains will help ensure fingers or skin does not get pinched while trying to enjoy their trapeze bar or rings. This coating is especially helpful with the trapeze bars and rings because children do so many different things on them which can cause hair to get caught and or fingers pinched. 

The 3 ½ ft. coated trapeze swing chains come in pairs. The first 2 ft. of the chain is vinyl coated and the rest of the exposed chain is zinc plated to prevent rust. The chain is 3/16″. Having such a wide range of colors available you can make sure to match your playground.  

Trying to decide in the length needed for your trapeze rings, bar, or triangles can be tricky. The staff here at Swing Set Co. would like to make that decision a little bit easier. Our live chat link is just a click away or you can give us a call or send an email 

  • Vinyl coated 

  • Come in Pairs 

  • 3.5 ft. Long 

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Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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