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Bumper Pad – are you looking for added safety to your swing set? then your search is over. This pad will help ensure bumps and bruises don’t happen when someone trips or falls. Sometimes little ones can lose their footing or simply wipe out. Having a bumper pad on sharp edges or high traffic areas can help alleviate some injuries. Toddlers can be unstable with their footing and when it comes to their safety nothing should be dismissed. Put your worries to rest when the bumper pads are used on your playground.

Our bumper pad is made of tough vinyl and backed with soft foam and is waterproof. You can attach these to a 2X4, 2X6, or a 4X4 for added impact protection. The bumper pad will hug around areas that you think need coverage. This pad measures 17″X14″. Comes with grommet holes for easy screw attachment to a wood play set. We have them available in blue or green.

Because safety is such a big concern, you may have some questions about Swing Set Co.’s bumper pads. At the top of this page we have a live chat link which will connect you to one of our staff members. We are also available by telephone or email. Swing Set Co. is ready to answer any of your questions or worries you may have.

* Made of Tough Vinyl and Soft Foam

* Waterproof

* The Pad Measures 17” X 14”

* Grommets for Easy Screw Attachment

* Available in Blue

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in



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