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 Please read instructions below before placing your order.

Custom Swing Set Tarp- This item is sold by the square foot and shipping is also added by the square foot. Please enter your square footage in the qty box and enter all tarp information in the three text boxes before checking out. If the correct qty is not entered in the qty box your order will be delayed until order is corrected.


This item is sold by the square foot and shipping is also added by the square foot. Please use the formula below to find your square feet and that will give you your quantity to purchase. For example: if your square feet is 33, you will need to purchase a quantity of 33. This is a custom solid color playground tarp over 59″ wide. This custom made tarp is to your specs. It is made from 18 ounce Coverene vinyl coated polyester. This material is UV resistant and water proof. This is awning type material not like the usual material you find at your local home store. This is much more durable and longer lasting. Grommets are optional at no extra charge and the edges are folded over and sewn. You supply us with measurements, color choice and were you would like the grommets. You will purchase this playground tarp by the square foot based on your measurements.

If you need a single color tarp less than 59″ please see our other store listing. If you would like a FREE sample of this material please email us your address and color choice and we will send it out free of charge.

The formula for finding square feet. If your measurement is in feet you would multiply length x width and that will give you your square feet. Examples 4ft x 10Ft = 40sqft  your measurement is in inches you would multiply the length x width then divide that number by 144. Example 48in x 120in = 5760sqin  5760/144 = 40sqft

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Weight 5 lbs
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