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Rotomolded Tire swings create the fondest memories from childhood. Having friends or parents push you around or spin you in a circle to see how dizzy you could get. There is so much fun and excitement to be had with this Deluxe Rotomolded Tire. Do you remember after a big rain when you used to get covered in water when you would swing on the tire swing, did you ever have bees nest in your tire swing, well not anymore! Our rotomolded plastic tire is completely enclosed which stops water, bugs, and anything else from getting in. This tire is also UV protected to help stop color fading and no more tire cracking compared to the traditional rubber tire swing.

This is for the purchase of one Deluxe Rotomolded tire. To securely attach this Deluxe Rotomolded Tire to your swing set it will require chains and clevises which are not included and can be purchased separately through our website as well as a tire swivel which make this tire so much more fun. This tire is 27 ¼” in diameter.

And please don’t forget to check our website for more awesome accessories to add to your child’s swing set, web chat or call one of our friendly customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you.

* Requires Chain and Clevises (not included)

* Tire is 27 ¼” in Diameter

* UV Protected

* Rotomolded Plastic Construction

Additional information

Weight 336 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 28 × 28 in

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