Heavy Duty Tire Swivel

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This is a heavy duty tire swivel with a lubricating ball bearing. It will turn 360 degrees without tangling or wrapping the chain. The plate is 6″x3″ with two 1/2″ holes that start 3/4″ in from the plate and are 4 1/2″ center to center.


* Residential Grade

* Brown color only



Additional information

Weight 5.3125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

4 reviews for Heavy Duty Tire Swivel

  1. Anonymous

    All in all pretty great. Doesn’t list a weight capacity which concerned me. We’ve hung a truck tire, heavy chains for up to 550 pounds and I’ve played on it as a grown adult. It came with screws, but we ended up buying some bolts that would go all the way through the wood and secure on the top instead to make sure it was extra sturdy. It spins and rocks very nicely.

  2. Ellis

    This heavy duty tire swivel works very well on our tire swing. We used a large truck tire for the swing that can easily hold 5 children. We used heavier duty bolts than what came in the box for mounting the swivel to ensure it would hold such a heavy load. This is a great product. The grease fitting is also very nice.

  3. Anonymous

    works perfectly

  4. Anonymous

    Great swivel for the price.

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