Periscope Telescope and Steering Wheel Kit Colorful Plastic Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Have that little adventurer who loves to use their imagination? This kit will help broaden their horizons all while enjoying the outdoors. Your child will have so many fun outdoor options for fun, they might not know where to start! With the periscope, they can pretend they are in a submarine looking for the giant squid. This is a unique product that kids love playing with. The telescope can help them navigate to new lands and explore their surroundings more. Your child can image they are on a pirate ship looking for treasure. The steering wheel can help the child envision themselves as a race car driver. They can also pretend to be mom or dad driving around town. The story lines are never ending when you help a child unlock their creative side. Unlock your child’s creative side when you get this kit that will have them outside for countless hours of imagination fueled fun.

This kit includes a steering wheel, telescope and periscope. The telescope in this kit does NOT magnify.

* Includes all hardware

* Comes in several colors

* Telescope does not magnify

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Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 12 in

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1 review for Periscope Telescope and Steering Wheel Kit Colorful Plastic Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

  1. Anonymous

    Nice thick plastic! Love the pink!

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