Plastic Tire with Coated Chain Outdoor Plastic Green Blue Yellow Red Pink and Red/Yellow

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Are you tired of the same old tire swing? You know the one, its black and rubber and it always gets filled up with old water, or even worse, bees! Never worry about having the same old tire swing as everyone else when you get our Plastic Tire Swing with Coated Chain! You can feel safe knowing that the middle is covered in the tire so no water or bugs can get in to irritate your kids. You can even get this fun Tire Swing in lots of fun colors, so you can color coordinate with the rest of your back yard! You can even match the chain colors with the tire color to show school spirt or just so you have your favorite colors!

This tire swing has a rotomolded design. It comes with coated chains and double clevises, assembled. It’s approx. 27 1/4″ in diameter. The chain is 3/16″ zinc coated under the color coating.

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* Residential use only

* Up to 105 pounds

* Tire swivel sold separately

Additional information

Weight 480 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 28 × 28 in

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1 review for Plastic Tire with Coated Chain Outdoor Plastic Green Blue Yellow Red Pink and Red/Yellow

  1. Deana

    it is the best made strong enough an adult can swing with the kids with chains that will hold our weight plus 2 more

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