Trapeze Bar and Rings With Uncoated Chain Quality Outside Green Blue Yellow and Red



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Trapeze Bar and Rings are the perfect way of getting the kids outside to play. That can be a hard task when there is nothing to entice the kids to enjoy the great outdoors. Never have a hard time getting the kids get outside again when you get this Trapeze bar/rings with un-coated chain. Your kids will get to swing around on the bar, and go back and forth with the rings that are attached. Exercise can be hard to get into the habit of doing, but it will be easier if the kids can have a fun way to get exercise. This will get the kids off the TV and into the great outdoors. Getting them into healthy and fun habits will be possible when they experience the swinging fun of this product.

This is a trapeze bar with rings and 3/16″ uncoated chain. It includes the clips to attach to your set.

* Includes clips at the top for easy attachment

* Comes in several colors

* Residential use only

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Weight 96 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 28 × 6 in

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